Denbigh Day 2

What a fun filled day!

What a fun filled day! We started with building shelters, which needed to survive a whole bucket of water thrown at us; building a bridge and a dam in our very own stream and swinging on a rope swing. Yes, we got very wet and covered in mud but it was so much fun. The best fun was the pegging the teachers game and not one of them spotted us. What a result! Harry hoovered up  and Mana did the washing up…After our home-made pizza for tea, we built fires and cooked potatoes waffles, finishing with toasted marshmallows. After a shower, and the boys room managing to set off the fire alarm once more with deodorant, we popped on our pyjamas and we are now sat around a coal fire playing a quiz. We have the biggest field you have seen to run around and we’ve managed to play in it for…12 hours! Can school get any better than this?

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