Letters and Sounds is introduced at Foundation Stage, using a synthetics phonic approach.

Daily phonics sessions follow a very structured format.

Children are also taught to read and spell words from the National Curriculum and are tested on these.

How Phonics works: – Phonics focuses on sounds for example, ee, ch, th, oo, ai, rather than children having to recognise whole words.

In synthetic phonics, children start by sequencing the individual sounds in words- for example, ‘s-t-r-ee-t, with an emphasis on bringing them together.

Once they have learned all these, they progress to reading books. 

The synthetic part comes from the word ‘synthesise’ meaning to assemble or blend together.

Children who learn using synthetic phonics are able to have a go at new words working from sound alone, whereas those using analytic phonics are more dependent on having prior knowledge of families of words.

During the autumn term, all reception and year one parents are invited to attend a meeting on how phonics is taught in our school.

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