Exam and assessment results

Please find below the latest KS2 (end of Junior School) data for our school. 

St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School

KS2 Sats Results 2019


KS2 Expected Attainment (What our children scored)

Reading- 68% at expected standard (National 73%)

Writing- 72% at expected standard (National 78%)

Maths- 89% at expected standard (National 79%)

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar- 85% at expected standard (National 78%)

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths- 62% (National 65%)


KS2 High Levels of Attainment (How many of our children scored more than the expected level)

Reading- 6% (National 27%)

Writing- 11% (National 20%)

Maths- 19% (National 27%)

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar- 43% (National 36%)

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths at Higher level- 2% (National 11%)


Average Progress Scores From KS1-2 (How much progress the children have made, with 0 being the expected)

Reading-    -0.2

Writing-    -1.1

Maths-    +2


Average Scaled Score (100 is the expected standard)

Reading- 102.5

Maths- 105.3

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation- 108.1