Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

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Welcome to the Year 6 pages which, due to recent national school closures in response to the Coronovirus Pandemic, will be used to provide home learning resources for your children should you wish to avail of them.

Allow us to stress that these tasks are to be used as and when you see fit. Whilst we know children benefit from a routine and structure to their day no task should be a battle but a chance for the children to consolidate and extend their learning from this year.

There are many ways to learn, including learning life skills at home, reading and completing own projects- please tweet to let us know what you are doing at home and so we can create a sense of community for our children in these uncertain times. We are so very proud of them and will miss our daily contact and so would love to hear about what they are doing. 

Many thanks

Year 6 Teachers 

Purple Mash 

Purple Mash is our school online learning platform (children’s passwords and logins were sent home). Twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) initially, we will set the children some home learning tasks to complete if they so wish. The tasks include basic skills (spelling, grammar, arithmetic) alongside other tasks chosen by the class teachers.

Please see the closure letter below for further websites and guidance on home learning.  

Y6 Closure Letter

Year 6 Curriculum map 2020

Class 6M 

Teacher: Mrs L McCaughrean.

Teaching Assistant: Miss A Larkin and  Mrs S Stanton


6BH Class

Teachers: Mrs J.Baden, Mrs K Hallinan,

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Breen-Robinson


Other Teaching Staff

Year 6 Groups

Teacher: Miss O A Schofield – Deputy Headteacher.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Colebourne


Class Representatives

6H: Eco Councillor: Wayne Edwards 

6H:  Prayer Councillor: Georgia Wright

6H:  School Games Crew:

6M:  Eco Councillor: Nicola Roberts

6M:  Prayer Councillor: Dean Peet

6H:  School Games Crew:



In Year 6 we encourage children to read every night. They need to build up both an enjoyment of reading, speed and stamina this year so they should aim to finish reading books within 1-3 weeks (depending on the size of the book). We collect reading records every Friday. 



Spelling lists go home every Monday and the children are tested each Friday. To be an age expected writer, your child must also be able to use all Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 words accurately within writing. They should continually practise these and have them displayed somewhere they can see them each day. Please see the spelling lists below and help your child to practise them as much as possible.

Year 3 4 Spelling List

Year 5 6 Spelling List


Tables and Maths Facts

Children will be continually tested within lessons to ensure they are retaining basic maths facts through the year. These are essential if children are to access all areas of maths and master reasoning. Please see the link below for a facts summary sheet. The children also have a personal login to Times Tables Rockstars which they can use regularly to revise and improve the speed of their tables recall. Please see the knowledge organisers below and help your child to practise them as much as possible.



Year 6 Tweets