Who’s Who at St Elizabeth’s

Headteacher – Mr L Daniels

Deputy Head – Miss O A Schofield

Assistant Head/SENCO – Miss A Sparrow

Pastoral Manager – Mrs S Elder

Attendance Officer – Mrs N Cureton

Class Teachers

Nursery – Mrs F Garcia

Reception – Mrs E Atherton and Mrs S Tait

Year 1 – Miss R O’Connor  and Mrs C Fraser

Year 2 – Miss A Sparrow and Miss C Jones

Year 3 –  Miss G Alty and Mr M Farrell

Year 4  Mr K Bulger and Mrs T Baker

Year 5 – Mrs L Jewell and Mrs A Tarrington 

Year 6 – Miss H Kneale, Mrs K Hallinan  and Mrs J Baden

Other teaching staff – Mrs P Blasbery, Mrs L Lavery, Mr A Garvey and Mr M Metcalf

Teaching Assistants

Nursery – Mrs A Ball, Mrs I McClinton and Mr M Rudd

Reception – Mrs L Chadwick and Miss L Farrell

Year  1 -Mrs P Tobin, Mrs J Walker, Miss S Sweetman and Miss C Norris

Year 2 – Mrs K Campbell,  Mrs K Baxter and Mrs G Burnett

Year 3  –  Mrs J Griffiths,   Miss S Stanton and Miss M Ryan

Year 4  – Mrs B Fellows, Miss E Rimmer and Mrs D Ainsworth

Year 5 –  Mrs Breen-Robinson and Mrs C Sullivan

Year 6 –  Mrs J Stocksborough, Miss J Newton and Mr M O’Connell

SEN TA – Mrs J Colebourne

School Office – Mrs L Smith and Miss H Westhead

Premises Officer –  Mr J Cunliffe

Cleaning Staff – Mrs G Cunliffe, Mrs D Frazer, Mrs C Knowles, Miss J Kelly and

Miss D Kelly

Lunchtime Supervisors

 Mrs G Cunliffe, Miss K Evans,  Mrs P King,  Mrs C Schorah, Mrs C Doherty, Mrs D Dwyer, Mrs C Summerton, Mrs K Campbell, Mrs L Chadwick, Miss C Morris, Miss N Speed and Miss T Taylor.

Kitchen Staff

Cook – Mrs S Harkin

Kitchen Assistants –  Miss S Walker, Miss P May, Mrs G Shanahan, Miss J Cinnamond and Miss D Burns

Breakfast Club – Mr K Leigh, Mrs B Fellows, Miss S Stanton, Mrs S Harkin, Mrs P May and Mrs G Cunliffe