Eco Council


Eco Council 2018-2019

Eco Council Members 2018-2019

RO – George Lane

RA – Bailey Jones

1SF –  Sonny Hughes McGowan

1J – Lola Brough

2Wh – Paige Rimmer

2Sp – Lucas Cooke

3B – Ayisha Wardle

3J – Mia Whelan

4A – Conor Hennesey

4J – Cameron O’Driscoll

5K – Leo McNee

5BT – Robert Foy

6M – Paige Church

6H – Benji Madden


February 2019 – Planting Trees in the Seaforth Triangle

Mersey Forest invited the Eco-Council to plant trees in our local area.

We planted lots of trees that we hope will be there for many years to come.


November News – Litter Pick in the North Park

5K were invited to help litter pick and tidy up the community garden.



 Plastic pollution assembly

Today Jess McHugh from Amey Construction Company came to visit our school.

Jess works for the Environment and Sustainability Department.

She talked to the children from KS2 about plastic and how it is damaging our planet.

After the assembly Jess met with the Eco Council to discuss how our school can use less plastic.

The Eco Council came up with some brilliant ideas which they will be sharing with the rest of the school after Christmas.




Eco Council 2017-2018

Southport Eco Centre

The Eco-Council visited Southport Eco Centre to start our project on Air Quality.

We had a fantastic morning investigating solar power, waste and hydro power.



Recycling Assembly

We were pleased to welcome Kirsty from Veolia Recycling Centre to our school.

Kirsty taught us all about how to recycle.


Eco Council Members 2017-2018

Alfie Fletcher

David Watson

Sophia Hughes

Ava Seddon

Ethan Gillespie

Bella Flynn

Joseph Hutchinson

Lucy Shiels

Joseph Morris

Joel Shiels

Jack Cheetham

Lexi Taylor

Isabelle Newton 

Kaiden Pietryga-Wheeler.



Eco Council Trip to Veolia


Eco Council 2016-2017


Eco Council Members 2016-2017

Finn Hanagan, Ava Clarke, Jack Connolly, Matthew Hudson, Daniel Schon, Connor Hennesey, Jorgie Mulholland, Alexis Conlan-Wild, James Brough, Jemyma Stewart, Jamie Caton, Ava Offill and Sophie Daniels.


Litter Picking at the North Park

5K took part in a Litter Pick at the North Park.

They collected 12 bags of rubbish and even found 2 laptops!

Well done 5K , the park will be a nicer place for everyone to use now.



Today we were extremely lucky to have been visited by Ken Kneale from Baden energy and Caroline Clayton from Ele.

We enjoyed an assembly about solar energy and then we were given a solar computer!

Thank you to Baden Energy for the funding and Ele for providing the school with such a fantastic piece of equipment.

A huge “Well Done” must also go to our Eco Council who first contacted Baden Energy.



The RSPB visited our school and worked with Y2 and Y5.

We looked at the different habitats around school and thought about where we might need to provide more habitats for insects and animals.



Exciting news from ELe about the Eco Councils request for our school to use solar power to run some of our equipment.

Letter from ELe


Time Capsule 4.11.16

The Eco-Council were invited by the Canal River Trust to bury a time capsule.

We buried the time capsule by the mile marker at the back of our school.

Each class put something in for people in 100 years to discover.




Eco Council Meeting Spring Term 2016


The Eco Council met and discussed how we could save energy in our school.

They decided what we really need is a solar panel!

The Eco Council  are writing  letters to a local company to see if they can help us make this wish come true.



Bronze Eco Cert

Eco Council Members  2015-2016                                             

RF –  Cole Lawler

RO – Tilly Birnie

1SB – Callum Grierson

1Sp – Bethany Kearney

2W – Dean Peet

2Wl – Hollie Lloyd

3B – Ella Knowles

3J – Joseph Gore

4J – Joel Sheils

4/5K – Matthew Halliday

5TP – Emma Holding

6H – Adam Nehad

6M – Tom Roberts

ECO Assembly

Kirsty from Gilmoss Discovery Centre visited us to tell us all about recycling.

Autumn 1 Meeting

We discussed what we thought needed improving in our school to help the planet.

We decided we need to recycle more and that bike racks could enable children to ride to school.

We held a meeting with Mr Daniels to discuss our ideas. Mr Daniels asked us questions about cost and where the bins and racks would go.

He agreed to our proposals!

We now have paper recycling bins in every classroom and bike racks in KS1 and KS2.