Eco Council


Eco Council 2019-2020

Eco Council Members 2019-2020

RA –  Louis Durham

RT – Toby Johnson

1J – Zara Kutlay

1SF – Michael Ryan

2SP – Lucas Jimenez

2OC – Georgia Gray

3A –  Neil Maguire

4B – Laycee Aindow

4J – Zak Olsen

5K – Lola Smith

5T – Ava Kennedy

6H – Wayne Edwards

6M – Nicola Roberts

October 2019

The Eco council visited Veolia Recycling Centre.

November 2019

Year 3 and Year 5 went bulb planting.

Water Bottles

The Eco Council have written letters to the PTFA to see if we can buy every child a water bottle.

We want to reduce the amount of plastic we use in school.



Today we were extremely lucky to have been visited by Ken Kneale from Baden energy and Caroline Clayton from Ele.

We enjoyed an assembly about solar energy and then we were given a solar computer!

Thank you to Baden Energy for the funding and Ele for providing the school with such a fantastic piece of equipment.

A huge “Well Done” must also go to our Eco Council who first contacted Baden Energy.